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John Vogel, internationally acclaimed interior designer. Produces contemporary furniture inspired by nature, with an emphasis on social & environmental responsibility. Modern furniture designs include tables, chairs, sofas, benches, bar stools & wall art


Based in Cape Town, John Vogel is an internationally acclaimed designer, producing contemporary furniture with an emphasis on organic, natural form. The small, family-run business is inspired by nature and places a firm emphasis on social and environmental responsibility.



Design inspired by nature

John Vogel’s collection of contemporary furniture includes tables, chairs, sofas, benches, bar stools and wall décor. All the original designs are inspired by nature and crafted from high quality timber. John chose wood as his primary medium as he loves the raw and direct connection it has to the natural world.



Combining craftsmanship & technology

The uniqueness of Vogel’s high-end furniture is not just in the originality of the design, but also in the craftsmanship. A combination of high-tech machining and premium hand-finishing leaves a tactile quality and imparts warmth and value into the pieces.




Symbiosis with the planet

Good forestry management can ensure a sustainable supply of timber – this is why Vogel contributes towards tree planting. Waste is also minimized with smaller décor and furniture pieces made from factory offcuts. These smaller pieces can also be flat-packed, reducing transport costs and carbon footprint.



Putting people at the heart of the business

As a family-run business, there is a people-oriented approach. The growth of the individual is of paramount importance and the company believes that new skills bring confidence and self-esteem. John has personally trained new staff from scratch and upskilled the workforce from handwork to management.


Completely bespoke furniture

Clients can choose from a wide selection of timber and finishes, and cords and weave can be customized to suit your color palette. Other pieces are modular and can be combined to fit your space and needs.


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