MUNGO TEXTILES: Quality, craftsmanship & LOCAl COMMUNITY

February 11, 2019 2 min read

MUNGO TEXTILES: Quality, craftsmanship & LOCAl COMMUNITY
Mungo’s heirloom quality, blankets, throws, towels and linens are crafted with care and created to be treasured. The philosophy being that what is created, and the manner in which it is created, will filter down to the end user and help to improve the world we live in.




The beating heart of Mungo

Discover the architect-designed Mungo Mill in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.
See the weaving process in action and hear the distinctive sounds of the working looms.

The Rhythm of Mungo from MUNGO on Vimeo.

Investing in people

Many of Mungo’s weavers have been trained in-house from scratch and have worked their way up from apprentices. Seamstresses have gained their trade through education or the craft was handed down through their parents. The Mungo team work together to impact the local economy in a meaningful way through skills, job creation and social responsibility.



Giving Back to Community

Mungo actively supports projects that improve the social and environmental health of their local community. One example is the Kids of Kurland Project, a volunteer organization providing life skills education to children in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, to help them overcome the social issues in their community.

The Kids of Kurland Kikoi from MUNGO on Vimeo.





Paying homage to African heritage

Mungo has a vast historic archive of patterns and designs. Many of the linens pay homage to traditional African techniques and patterns - from the bold Yoruba tie-and-dye blanket (opposite) to the no-two-are-the-same Tawulo towel. Each textile will stand the test of time and add an original story to your home.





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