Vrou Vrou Blanket - Tamarind

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    • A bold and robust cotton throw with zig zag and geometric patterns.
      The classic waffle weave has a cellular structure which gives the Vrou-Vrou a chunky body and texture. The pure cotton yarn ensures that it remains light and breathable, perfect for year round luxury.
      Although called the Vrou Throw, it’s technically a full sized blanket, made to cover a bed, but also great for an evening stroll or marking your spot by the lake.
      Each Vrou-Vrou is woven with 9 different coloured yarns. The warp features 5 colour variations and the weft features 4.
      Designed Woven & Made in South Africa

    • Queen: 86.6" x 94.5"
      King: 94" x 94"

    • 100% cotton

    • 100° F Machine wash
      Warm iron
      Tumble dry at low heat
      Do not bleach