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    • Hard-wearing, elegant and luxurious, these rugs carry a timeless charm. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, long lasting and easy to maintain.

      The Verandah Collection is available in the Robala and Benya ranges consisting of several elegant tones, allowing you to define your outdoor space whether your style is modern and bold or timeless, understated chic.

      The Verandah Collection is a collaboration between fresh South African designers and traditional crafters, all working to the highest international standards.

      Made from WeatherTech fibre which is ideal for an outdoor setting:
      UV and strong light resistant
      Naturally hydrophobic
      Anti-microbial and therefore mildew and mould resistant
      Highly rated for low heat transfer
      Durable and easy to maintain
      Anti-allergen treated (optional)
      Bactericide treated (optional)
      Fire retardant (up to IMO Standards, optional)

    • Custom made - made up in a diameter of your choice. 

    • How to clean your Verandah Collection Rug

      It is strongly advised that the Verandah Collection rugs be routinely vacuumed to keep dirt from grinding into the WeatherTech fibres. Keep in mind that after cleaning your rug, if there is any soap residue it will attract dirt. The same is true if you are tempted to use fabric softener.

      Be sure to maintain your Verandah Collection rugs by vacuuming on a regular basis to keep dust and debris from getting ground into the WeatherTech fibres. If the rug has spots that need additional care, begin with spot cleaning.

      Spot Cleaning
      If possible, blot the stain immediately with a clean, dry white cotton cloth. If necessary, use a putty knife (butter knife) to scrape off any food or other stuck-on debris from the rug. Vacuum once again to remove scraped debris.

      Clean Spot
      In a bucket, mix a small amount (1 to 2 tsp) of liquid dish detergent with 1 cup of cold water. Rub the stain with a sponge wet with the soapy water. Blot the area with a clean white dry cloth.

      Cleaning of Entire Rug
      If the entire rug needs cleaning, after vacuuming the rug, place it outside on a solid surface (preferably sloped). Hose down the rug, wetting it thoroughly; either spray the entire surface with a soft detergent or pour liquid soap directly onto the surface. With a scrub brush, work the cleaner/soap into the carpet. Rinse rug thoroughly with a hose, until water runs clear. To ensure the rug keeps its shape, lay it on a flat surface to dry, turning frequently making sure it keeps its original shape whilst drying.

      It is recommended to bring your Verandah Collection rugs, poufs & ottomans indoors during the autumn and winter season to prolong the lifetime of the product, placing them outdoors when the first signs of spring appear.

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