Our story - founder



Hello, I’m Sarah. I created SARZA because I wanted to champion the incredible creativity of my country of birth, South Africa. I was raised in the beautiful seaside city of Durban; a crazy melting pot of Indian, European and African cultures, which influenced the food, fashion and design in exhilarating and unusual ways. Our homes were filled with traditional Zulu pots and we would make beaded bracelets as children. We devoured deliciously hot “Durban” curry and shopped for fabrics and clothes in the city’s spice-filled bazaars. It was exciting and eclectic, and still is. 

I believe these influences ignited wanderlust in me. I was hungry to see more of the world; to absorb as much of what it could offer me. After a trip to France (and a wonderful man) stole my heart, I settled in Antibes on the French Riviera. I was lucky to be given the opportunity to source products for super yachts. I fell in love with design and décor, but it was the creators of the products that I began to discover in Africa that inspired me most. I have since been fortunate to source and curate product for clients such as the luxury African eco-lodge group, Singita and other boutiques.

Yet another adventure brought my family to Rye, New York. I am thrilled that my lifestyle store, SARZA (a blend of my name and the official abbreviation for South Africa), is able to bring a stylish slice of my heritage to your homes and lives.