A curation of inspiring, contemporary, South African designs

A new generation of talented South African creatives is embracing the unique influences that the continent’s distinctive aesthetics, diverse cultures and rich heritage offers. They are reimagining them in work that is contemporary, but acknowledges and draws on Africa’s stories, materials and artisanal traditions. The results are quirky, irreverent, stirring, textured, timeless and always beautifully crafted. 

SARZA has handpicked pieces from furniture designers, jewelers, artists and ceramicists that reflect this philosophy of expressing contemporary ideas through diverse experiences and influences. They are not just names to us; we consider them family and part of the story of South Africa we want to share with the world. 


Why we are different

As a design-led business, we know there is no machine that can truly replace the hand or the eye. SARZA’s pieces are often hand-made. Many of the products are created by small businesses that support communities, crafters and artisans by employing their skills and creative energies – always with an emphasis on quality, sustainability, fair working practices and respect.