Living the Beautiful Way – Colour Wallpaper

This wallpaper is $10.00 per square foot.
Samples (8.5" x 11") at $5.00 each.


Artist collection: Shirene Briell

Product Code: SBR239002

    • Our wallpaper is custom made to your specifications. Instead of online purchase, we offer a personalized service and liaise directly with you to ensure your order exactly meets your requirements. Please contact us for further enquiries. 

      Samples are available to help you make decisions and represent the final print however they may not contain all aspects of a design or may contain text or scaled images.

    • Shirene is an artist at her core and focuses on incorporating her passions into her work. These include people, poetry, pretty things, and real emotions.

      She gains excitement from immersing herself in her photography, bringing the same energy to each shoot to capture stunning moments.

      Shirene’s design approach includes taking images, with intricate detailing of floral forms, and incorporating contrasting light and dark tones into her detailed designs.

      This helps draw attention to focal points of each piece, while the combination of vibrant colours and negative space creates an intriguing appeal to her work – which catches the eye in any environment, and adds a spark to residential and business spaces.

    • The wallpaper substrates we use come in a range of finishes suitable for different environments. Each is fire retardant in accordance with EN13501-1:2007. Our paper finish wallpaper is PVC free and 100% recyclable. Printed with non-toxic latex inks and matt UV varnish, providing our clients with an eco-friendly, quality product.Robin Sprong’s customisable prints are endorsed with both Green Guard Gold®️ & UL ECOLOGO.

      For information about the various substrates we use - please check our Wallpaper FAQs

    • Sample lead times are 14-21 days.

      Final order lead times 14-21 days.

      Shipping price will be confirmed at placement of order.

      Cost of samples will be reimbursed on confirmation of an order.

      Trade customers customers contact us about sample pricing discounts.

Customer Reviews

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Samples not to scale

I ordered 3 samples of different wallpapers. It took 4 weeks for them to arrive, but once they finally did it was clear that they are not actual samples of the paper nor are they to scale. This doesn't help me any more than what I can see online. I wish I had not wasted my money. Please use actual samples if you're selling them.

Hi Jordan
I am not sure that the information you have provided in this review is actually correct.
Yes that is a little longer than our 2-3 weeks - they ship from South Africa in batches so as to keep the price where it is currently. Apologies for them being a couple of days late.
So where do you get that they are not samples of the paper ? They are in fact 100% samples of the paper - the paper, outside of the print, is the most important part of the buying process. You got 3 samples - you would have got 3 different substates (paper) which would show the various finishes. The paper is 100% the actual paper.
Yes they are not to scale - you will see that we say on each product page that our wallpaper is customizable - so you can increase or decrease the scale as you wish - hence we say it is not to scale. You can choose your scale - thats a much better option than scale being dictated to you.
An email to us with the above questions would have clarified all your above incorrect points.
Fell free to reach out by email next time.