Minimalist Chest of Drawers - Plinth Base with Wood Front

    • The Minimalist Chest of Drawers is a simple and classic design offering ample storage for the home and office. We make this piece in many different sizes and configurations which give diverse functionality for the bedroom, sitting room or office. For office use the drawers can be adapted to incorporate a hanging file solution, or locks - please advise us if this is something you need.

      The Minimalist Chest of Drawers is available in various timber and finish options and can optionally be made with brass covered fronts as an alternative to the solid timber drawer fronts.

      The Minimalist Chest of Drawers is made with either a rounded- leg base or a plinth base, as per the drawings below. This does not affect the price but it can affect the number of drawers available.

      Please note that this design is intended to be placed against a wall and has a Birch Ply backing. Should you require a piece to stand in the middle of a room and be viewed from both sides please enquire for the pricing variation.

    • 19.7" L x 20" W x 23.6" H / 500 x 510 x 600mm
      27.6" L x 20" W x 23.6" H / 700 x 510 x 600mm
      31.5" L x 20" W x 39.4" H / 800 x 510 x 900mm
      39.4" L x 20" W x 35.4" H / 1000 x 510 x 900mm
      19.7" L x 20" W x 19.7" H / 500 x 510 x 500mm (low)
      27.6" L x 20" W x 19.7" H / 700 x 510 x 500mm (low)
      47.2" L x 20" W x 19.7" H / 1200 x 510 x 500mm (low)
      59.1" L x 20" W x 19.7" H / 1500 x 510 x 500mm (low)
      70.9" L x 20" W x 19.7" H / 1800 x 510 x 500mm (low)

    • The Minimalist Chest of Drawers is available in the following finishes:

    • In order to retain the natural finish of the timber we keep the number of protective coats to a minimum. Although this does add to the aesthetic appeal of the product, highlighting the natural qualities of solid wood, it does mean that the finish is not impervious to damage and staining. However, if you follow the instructions laid out below, it should be sufficient for normal use.

      After use, wipe down the wood surfaces with a slightly damp cloth to preserve and protect the wood coating. Dry with another cloth if a lot of water remains. Do not expose these products for any extent of time to pools of water. If the products get wet you should dry them off as soon as possible.

      If exposed to wine, vinegar and oils / oily food for an extended period of time the wood will stain. To avoid stains, wipe up spills directly with a slightly damp cloth and then dry. Spills should not be left overnight as they will sink in and mark.

      Placing hot items on the wood may result in damage or burning. We recommend that you use coasters, and protect the table tops from hot dishes.

      The solid wood will react to the sunlight, temperature changes, and moisture in the air, causing the wood to move and warp. Exposure to UV will cause yellowing of the timber and surface cracking.

      Air-conditioning dries the air around it, which in turn will dry the timber causing it to crack and warp. Use a humidifier to counteract these effects.

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