Plat-O Table Flat Oval - 20 Seater


    • Introducing the 236" long Plat-O flat oval 20-seater from the new Plat-O collection by Haldane Martin consist of 2 tables that sit flush. Perfect for lavish exteriors or luxe interiors.
      From the noun “plateau” meaning an area of level high ground, these sleek, expansive surfaces are supported by the upward gesture of slanted, geometric pedestal bases.

      Both sophisticated and functional, the Plat-O collection is made up of a variety of round and flat oval shaped tables. Sizes vary from elegant 2-seater cafe tables, up to generous 20-seaters, as well as server tables and bar tables.

      Table tops are offered in luxurious Dekton (ready for life outdoors) with table bases in zinc coated steel, powder coated in any of 18 UV stable powder coat colors. Trade Clients can specify bespoke table top finishes by request. For example Silestone, Caesarstone, Birch Plywood & other hard woods. (Additional charges may be incurred)

      Featured here, this Plat-O flat oval 20-seater has a base in Jet black with table tops in Dekton Radium.

      This is a custom piece of furniture, made to order, to your exact specification. Once we have received your online order we will be in touch to confirm the finish/color/material specifications, before placing the final order with our supplier. If unsure, please select your preference(s) at this stage and we will consult with you to finalize your options. 

    • 252" L x 55.1" W x 28.9" H  /  6400 x 1400 x 735mm (consists of two tables which sit flush)


      Powder Coat Colors

      Table Base - Powder Coat
      The Geometric pedestal base is laser cut from 304 stainless steel plate then powder-coated in UV stable pure polyester with a luxurious ferro grain finish in any of our erudite colours.

      Dekton Table Top Colors

      Table Tops - Dekton
      Table tops are offered in Dekton by Cosentino 20mm slabs. Scinterized stone is ideal for luxury outdoor living with longevity. Our curated selection of Dekton finishes are Radium, Somnia, Kreta and Neural.

      Dekton Table Top Colors

      Table Tops - Dekton
      Table tops are offered in Dekton by Cosentino 20mm slabs. Dekton is the ideal material for luxury outdoor living with longevity. Choose Dekton Craftizen Umber, Nacre, Argentium or Micron.

    • Please expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.

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