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    • A clean, contemporary design, the Round Y Table demonstrates the skill required to manufacture the complex angles and joints despite delivering a simple, utilitarian design.
      A simple round top provides a quiet background that draws one’s attention to the finely crafted legs.
      This design is also available as a coffee table.
      We can make this design to size and optionally with a 44mm thick top or a 32mm thick top.
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    • 3 seater (L) - 47" Ø x 30" high
      6 seater (S) - 55" Ø x 30" high
      6 seater (M) - 59" Ø x 30" high
      9 seater (S) - 71" Ø x 30" high
      9 seater (L) - 75" Ø x 30" high

    • In order to retain the natural finish of the timber we keep the number of protective coats to a minimum. Although this does add to the aesthetic appeal of the product, highlighting the natural qualities of solid wood, it does mean that the finish is not impervious to damage and staining. However, if you follow the instructions laid out below, it should be sufficient for normal use.

      After use, wipe down the wood surfaces with a slightly damp cloth to preserve and protect the wood coating. Dry with another cloth if a lot of water remains. Do not expose these products for any extent of time to pools of water. If the products get wet you should dry them off as soon as possible.

      If exposed to wine, vinegar and oils / oily food for an extended period of time the wood will stain. To avoid stains, wipe up spills directly with a slightly damp cloth and then dry. Spills should not be left overnight as they will sink in and mark.

      Placing hot items on the wood may result in damage or burning. We recommend that you use coasters, and protect the table tops from hot dishes.

      We do not recommend that you place indoor furniture outdoors. Outdoor furniture is specially designed to be able to withstand the dramatic temperature changes and moisture in the air. Avoid placing timber furniture items in full sun as exposure to sun/uV causes yellowing and light surface cracks.

      Heavily airconditoned environments require the use of an humidifier to restore the natural humidity of the air, as dry air will result in cracking / warping of the timber.

    • The Round Y Table is available in the following timbers:





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