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    • The Mamba Tub Dining Chair is an update of our previous Magnet Dining Chair. With lighter, cleaner & more flowing lines, the Mamba Tub has an air of elegance that is complimented when paired with the Flo Dining Table. Looking across the scope of John Vogel's work, we can conclude that he is ever drawn towards an organic design approach, this is evident in the Mamba's softness & seamless curves, which come with crafting & finishing by hand.  Soon to be completed, we will see the cord uprights along the back of the chair, swapped for tailored wood, still keeping the flayed tail impression, but offering more stability.  
      This piece is only offered in Ash timber but with a selection of different weaves.

      This is a flexible and multi-functional piece. 

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    • 25" L x 23.5" W x 30.5" H

    • Cross Hatch Cord and Open Square Cord weaves – one colour only
      Open Square Plastic and Solid Square Plastic – one colour only
      Solid Triangle Weaves – 2 Colours only
      Solid Diamond Plastic – up to 4 colours
      Cord colors
      Cord weaves
      Plastic colors
      Plastic weaves
    • Please expect 8-12 weeks for delivery.